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About Gina's Corner

Founder: Gina Kopera

Gina Kopera is a Certified Master Herbalist, strong alternative health advocate, author of the popular eBook; "Cure Yourself Naturally", and a trusted nutrition and wellness coach for thousands.

She is the president of Gina's Corner and is devoted to informing
MS patients about effective alternative therapies and helping them realize life-changing results.

After more than a decade dealing first-hand with MS as well as her own son's challenge with Epilepsy, Gina provides a wealth of information that anyone can benefit from.

Gina Kopera is a devoted wife and mother and resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She has devoted her professional career full-time to improving the lives and well-being of others and offers the strongest guarantee backing her products and services in the business.


Well, I am happy to say that today was the final day of my fast! The grand total of days was 25 days. So I guess I didn't make it for the original goal of 30 days, but I managed 3 liver flushes, and kidney flushes, and I am going to continue with the blood cleanse in juices and stay on mucus free foods for a while longer. I didn't measure the amount of fecal matter that came out, but there certainly was a lot of that stuff!
I must say it was quite a challenge, but I am feeling very accomplished and much healthier all around. I have noticed a huge improvement in energy levels and my ability to concentrate. Little pains that used to be in my back, knees, and feet are completely gone! I have noticed my scalp does not itch, or produce as much dandruff as it once did, and my hair loss has slowed. I am hoping that with the healing will continue even as I begin to eat solid foods again, (as it said in your book). I think my least favorite part of it all was the liver flushes, the olive oil was not my favorite pastime, but i feel it worked tremendously. The biggest challenge of all was simply passing up all the food, pizza, and drinks with my friends, but they are all quite proud of me as well.
I just wanted to write and say thank you for making yourself available to me when I had questions, The process is pretty straight forward, and as it goes you tend to get the hang of it.
Wheat grass certainly is a powerful drink. The taste isn't half bad either, and it makes me feel totally rejuvenated after drinking it. Also, I think I am going to look into some of those cook books you recommended when time permits, I'd like to try that ranch dressing recipe you referred to.
Well, this concludes my letter, but thanks again and I'll be sure to keep in touch with anything else that may come up.
Always, Taylor