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Constipation is very common in children. Children who are constipated tend to have hard or painful stools or no bowel movement for four days or more.

This is commonly due to a diet low in fiber, not drinking enough water, drinking too much milk, or holding back instead of going to the bathroom.

A child with constipation tends to hold in their movements to avoid the pain which in turn worsens the constipation and so the vicious cycle continues.

Severe, untreated chronic constipation can lead to physical problems with the digestive tract and the body’s metabolic systems and mental issues such as hyperactivity and ADD.

To prevent chronic constipation in children, make sure they have a diet rich in fiber that includes whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables, and plenty of water and fruit juice. Of course, exercise and physical activity are great preventatives, too!

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Constipation is very common in infants and children. Babies who are formula-fed are far more likely to develop constipation than breast-fed babies. It is rare for breast-fed babies to develop constipation, because breast milk is easily digested, creating stools that are much softer.


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