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HeatingPower Oil 1 oz.

Are you looking for a miracle in a bottle? Look no further, "Gina's Corner" has just what you need!

Our specially formulated heating-power oil can handle so many conditions; you will be surprised at how well it works and how versatile it is!

This is the perfect product to turn to when you bruise, bang, or when you have sprained a joint. It literally turns two weeks of healing time into two days!
This deep-penetrating solution has been found to be highly effective on:

Joint stiffness and inflammation, including chronic arthritis

Easing pain by increasing circulation in muscles, ligaments and

Addressing bursitis, arthritis, and rheumatism

Muscle or bone pain, including tendonitis, broken bones and

Bone and joint diseases

Reducing recovery time from injuries, pain, or bruises

This formula, which comes from extracts of the most powerful ingredients in the highest-quality herbs, comes in a safe and durable glass bottle that offers an easy-to-use glass dropper. It has been carefully designed to help dramatically speed-up the recovery process that the body undergoes when it has experienced injury.

Using it is as easy as rubbing it on after an injury - you'll be surprised at how quickly it goes to work, bringing relief and reducing recovery time!

Users of this product have dubbed it a "Godsend" and find it the perfect complement to Gina's Corner's natural healing programs and lifestyle changes. As a bonus, it's not only for muscles; it has been very effective in relieving nasal congestion when applied to the base of the nose or on the chest.

Keep a bottle of this on hand in the house and you'll never worry about long-lasting muscle pain or bruises again!

Don't forget your hot and cold hydrotherapy to intensify the treatment after applying the oil, alternate hot and cold 7 to 10 times. This alone may heal you, but with the HeatingPower Oil you will see magic happen.

Directions: (suggested dosage)
Use 1 or more full droppers on the body and massage it in the skin till absorbed. No matter how hot it feels, it will not hurt you, but use with caution on or near sensitive areas of the body. Do not use in the eyes, mucous membranes or genital area.

Metabolic Action:
Wintergreen oil is almost pure salicylic acid. Aspirin is made from coal-tar-derived salicylic acid. Wintergreen oil naturally reduces inflammation and pain. Botanical Menthol (peppermint oil concentrate) is one of nature's most powerful counter-irritants, creating a cooling or heating sensation on the surface which greatly relieves pain in the underlying area. Cayenne, Ginger and Mustard are also powerful counter-irritants that dramatically increase the circulation in the area, which speeds the healing process. Arnica flower, calendula, and St. John's Wort flowers are three famous herbs for bangs, bruises and broken bones. Lavender has calming, aromatic, carminative and nervine properties.

Wintergreen oil, Botanical Menthol (concentrated peppermint oil), Cayenne pepper, Ginger root, Arnica, St. John's Wort flowers, Calendula , Lavender, and Organic Virgin Olive Oil.

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